How the system works


Configure signing certificate

The system background quickly configures signature information.

APP signature

Log in to your system account and upload your application for signing in just a few clicks.

Install and use

Open the download link and click on the install button to install it on your device.

Expertise and infrastructure

Quick signature
No need to jailbreak
Reliability, security and performance guaranteed

We can provide you with high-quality experience services.

Efficient service
System security

Services tailor-made for you

System security and stability

No security or privacy concerns

  • Multiple operator options
  • Years of accumulated experience, innovative and perfect structure

Easy operation and configuration

Multi-system support, simple operation and configuration

  • Simple and easy-to-use backend
  • Perfect after-sales service and rich community content

Operator intelligent optimization

From entrance to landing, selected high-quality operators

  • Multi-layer line optimization
  • Load balancing settings

Customized service after-sales

Provide services that meet specific needs as needed

  • Respect user needs
  • Listen carefully and continuously optimize

Security and stability guarantee

Dedicated system maintenance and multiple data backups

  • Enterprise-level deployment services
  • Secure and efficient encryption technology

Enrich community services

Integrate community system and improve learning documents

  • Diverse user communication platform
  • Rich content and complete documentation

Various application support

Security and compatibility


Full version available


IOS available


IOS system, beautiful interface and powerful functions


Android platform


Open source game acceleration tool


V2Ray client for Android


ShadowsocksR is often called SSR

No source code required
no worries

There is no need to upload the application source code to sign the application.


Working with partners
Satisfy your application download service

Powered by our carrier partners and Internet data center partners and compatible with your local carrier, experience download speeds as if you were overseas.

Our partners